Teen drama “Reigns” about Mary, Queen of Scotland in development by US CW network

Portrait Mary Stuart at the age of 13.

Portrait Mary Stuart at the age of 13. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Media reports, including the Digital Spy, suggest the US CW network is developing “Reigns” a teen drama about Mary, Queen of Scots.

Of course, I think this could be fantastic and think about some of the frothy period series like “Camelot,” “Robin Hood” … and think it could be well done.  Could it be as deep as “Game of Thrones” — not without a lot of stretching of the truth.

The teenage Mary, Queen of Scots was a bit of a yes girl.  She lived in France with the French royal family (Henri II, Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitiers) and was engaged to Francois, the heir to the throne.  Her life revolved around standard court activities, even after her marriage.  There is not a lot of historical fodder for a “warrior queen” series until she is a bit older.

Her marriage lasted just a year.  Widowed at 19, Mary returned to Scotland where – yes- there is plenty of skullduggery, intrigue, death, battles and betrayal.  But not really in the teen sphere.

I like the idea, but I fear the CW will go further than even the “Tudors” in their creative use of historical fact to create drama.  And of all the famous Queens, Mary Stuart life does not need fictional drama!

Of course, the casting could be a lot of fun… I’ll defer judgment but will post more as I hear it. And I’ll be watching.

4 comments on “Teen drama “Reigns” about Mary, Queen of Scotland in development by US CW network

  1. Linda Schmalz says:

    I, for one, will be watching! Loved The Tudors even though I could sit there and scream at the television, “THAT NEVER HAPPENED!” LOL. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be equally hooked on this series, factual or not. 🙂

  2. I know! On the one hand, as someone who is writing about Mary Queen of Scots and her BFFs The Marys, I think it is a great, great idea…but on the other hand, I like my history pretty factual. Loved the Tudors for so many reasons – great series but lite on fact in some parts.

    That all said, I am ready for some Scottish drama and given the Scots are about to have a referendum on breaking away from the United Kingdom, and the upcoming movie about Mary with Saoirse Ronan, Mary is definitely in vogue!


  3. whatmeread says:

    That sounds like it could be very interesting, although for a historian it must be even more irritating when they take liberties with the truth.

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