Mary’s birth in 1515, by Rosalind K. Marshall

On this day was born Mary Queen of Scots’ mother, who had all the political finesse and sensitivity that her daughter needed!

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2015

The 500th birthday of Marie of Lorraine or Mary of Guise approaches. As opening of this special event follows an extract of a book written in 1977 that has pulled Marie out of oblivion. By publishing Mary’s first biography, its author, historian and art historian Rosalind K. Marshall, has restored the life and historical importance of a woman born in November 1515 in the duchy of Bar, a little girl who was to become a courageous and intelligent woman, and a queen and queen regent of Scotland.

On 20 November 1515 in the Castle of Bar-le-Duc, perched high on its rock above the river Ornain, the young Countess of Guise gave birth to a daughter. The baby was her first, and she lay in her great bed watching her women bustling around the child, Antoinette was well content. The dangers of the last few months were now past…

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2 comments on “Mary’s birth in 1515, by Rosalind K. Marshall

  1. Pity they didn’t spend more time together! Marie de Guise was a great example of tolerance in an age of religious extremism.

    • She was, right? She was quite a canny ruler, and clearly a very bright woman. Too bad she sent MQS to the French court to be pampered – how different she’d likely have been had she been raised in Scotland. I think someone is making a movie about Marie de Guise – or at least a new biography? Or am I confused!

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