Already Getting It Wrong: CW’s “Reign” about Mary, Queen of Scots

Already Getting It Wrong: CW’s “Reign” about Mary, Queen of Scots

History is not that hard to get right people!  I am sorry to see that the producers and writers of the CW’s new teen drama “Reign”- if this story (link above) is to be believed – are playing a bit fast and loose with historical fact.

Mary Stuart left Scotland for the Court of Henri II of France when she was 6, not 15 years old.  I’m not sure why the need to change it — unless budget constraints prevent flashback to the reasons for her departure.  But it is a material point:  Mary left France so young and became French in so many ways.  That she became more French than Scots was one of many factors that hampered her return to rule Scotland.

Mary had four friends, all called Mary — known historically as “The Four Marys” (and yes, they are the subject of my novel).  The CW has created three Marys — another budget decision?

Apart from that, hurrah for the casting…

I will still watch, but I can tell it is going to drive me nuts.

3 comments on “Already Getting It Wrong: CW’s “Reign” about Mary, Queen of Scots

  1. Just another history geek says:

    Just pointing out that in the pilot episode viewers are shown Mary leaving the convent to return to French court, and there are several flashbacks pointing to her having been there as a child. Also, while their names have been changed (calling five characters Mary would surely be confusing), there are definitely four girls joining Mary at court (Kenna, Lola, Greer, and Aylee). Yes, Reign has a fair few stretched truths (or straight up inaccuracies in some cases), however the two you’ve pointed out are easily disproved simply by watching the pilot.

  2. M.B. Culver says:

    This is why I have a hard time watching historically based series, or adaptations of my favorite books. Almost had a coronary last year watching a Miss Marple in which they’d changed the entire story (and murderer) around.

  3. Linda Schmalz says:

    Just like “The Tudors” for me. Historically inaccurate many times, and yet I couldn’t stop watching.

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